Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jeremy's Latest Home Improvement Project

Jeremy has taken a break from all things home improvement the last two weeks, but right before his break he started work on the ceiling in our school room. He built on this room last year, using an existing screened in porch. The ceiling was never finished and you could see all the beams. It's a pretty high ceiling and to be honest, it never bothered me since I didn't exactly spend a lot of time looking up at the ceiling. Jeremy decided to go ahead and finish the ceiling, but I didn't realize what an undertaking this would be!

Lifting the large pieces of drywall and holding them on the ceiling while he screws them into place was nearly impossible to do by himself. So, my husband created this ingenious brace that he screwed in place to help hold the large pieces in place so he could screw them in. He amazes me. Like any man, he hates to ask for help, so he created a way to do it himself. :)

The next week was spent mudding and sanding and there was dust everywhere. Needless to say, the school room was unusable for a few days, and the you know the kids were so disappointed about that! :D It looks great now, and he even added some matching trim that I love. Thanks sweetheart!