Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a Bridal Shower

When my sister, Andrea, was in town, I got the chance to throw her a bridal shower. I was really excited, because it was my one chance to partake in the wedding festivities since I live out of state. I really wanted to let my sister know just how excited I was for her! I invited several friends that have met and gotten known my sister over the time she has spent visiting and living with us during the summer of 2008. We had 20 ladies at the shower and I was so grateful for all the friends who gathered to show their love and share their congratulations with my sister. My sister's fiance was supposed to make the trip with her, but due to a last minute work issue, my sister-in-law, Crystal, came with her instead. It was a blessing in disguise, because then Crystal got to join in the fun too!

The few weeks before I had set about making preparations and buying decorations. The invites (designed by Two Silly Sisters on etsy) were the center of my color scheme. Though black isn't usually a color you would see at a bridal shower, black and hot pink are one of my sister's favorite color combos and I knew she would love it. I purchased black and pink everything, including these bird themed napkins that I loved.

I also made these bird seed heart party favors that made up the centerpiece on the table and went home with the guests at the end of the night. They were each tied with a pretty ribbon and had a matching tag with Andrea and Clay's names as well as their upcoming wedding date. The ingredients I used didn't hold up as well as I had hoped! Oh well, they looked pretty for the few minutes that they hung on the tree then they started falling apart!). :D Note to self: find a more stable recipe for birdseed hearts!

Andrea and Crystal helped me cut out and put together the cupcake toppers, and they turned out great. My pink icing wasn't quite the right color, but I didn't hear anyone complaining as they ate the delicious chocolate cupcakes! :) The entire night was a blast, and Andrea received lots of gift cards to use toward household items she needs. Thank you to all my fabulous friends for helping me celebrate with my sister!