Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

While we didn't wait till Halloween night this year to carve our pumpkins, we only managed to squeeze it in a few days before! Thursday after everyone had a bath (hence the wet hair and weird clothes), Jeremy brought in the pumpkins from the porch and away they went. Over the years it's been so fun to watch what faces they create. Of course the whole process starts with cutting open the top.....


I think Caitlyn had forgotten what was inside!

Now, time to clear out the pumpkin guts!

While Caitlyn wasn't so thrilled about getting her hands messy, Kylie seemed to enjoy it. In fact, she wanted to make sure she got every little bit.

Then the carving commenced......

This is last year's pumpkin picture.

Wow! They've grown up so much!

The girls put earrings on theirs, while John David added vampire teeth!