Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kylie the Photographer

I always think it's fun to let the kids have the camera for awhile and take some pictures of thing around the house and yard. We let them do this every so often and it's always interesting to see what things they decided are worthy of a photo. Most of the time, there are fingers in the photo, or they're fuzzy because they are moving the camera as they push the button. But they don't care. Kylie had my camera yesterday and did a photo shoot with the dog. She took pictures of him walking, eating, and sniffing. Exciting, huh?! :D Chewy, our black lab, is one of Kylie's closest friends so it seemed only natural to her to document his every move. As usual most of the pictures were black and fuzzy, but here's a few from her adventure. Love the up close of her face!