Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Very Special Day

This past Saturday, September 19th, was National "Talk Like a Pirate" Day, but it was also a very special day in my life. Saturday was Jeremy and I's eleventh anniversary! It has been eleven years of blessings beyond my biggest dreams. God has blessed us in our marriage and with our family. I don't deserve the man God gave me... but I'll take him anyway! :D He spoils me rotten and I love it.

We didn't celebrate with a fancy dinner and a weekend away this year, but thanks to our good friend Pam who watched all our kiddos, we were able to spend some good quality time alone. We had fun, got some great food, talked about things we never get the time to talk about, had tons of good laughs, and even did some slow dancing to our favorite songs after the kids were asleep.

These days, more and more marriages are failing. Marriage isn't easy and often full of stress and hard times, but we have a good share of great times too! I don't take for granted what I have, and I thank God that he has given us the strength to last. Happy Anniversary to us! Thank you for loving me, Supa'man!