Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our First Week Back to School

I hope everyone is enjoying your holiday weekend and spending it with family! We are heading back to church for the evening service here shortly, but I wanted to take a quick moment and tell you about our first week back to school. This week was our first week back on a "school schedule", and while adjusting wasn't easy as pie, it went much smoother than I expected. The kids have been used to sleeping in so getting them up at 7:30 was a little rough the first few days. They've done really good about getting their morning chores done quickly and Caitlyn has been done with her school work by lunch time two days this week! (heehee, I just looked over and Jeremy and John David are sword fighting with the sticks from their corndogs! As they say, men are just little boys in a bigger body!)

I'm still working on a consistent time for Kylie and John David's school work, but it tends to have to be flexible as a result of Luke's nap schedule not being set in stone every day. He is trying to transition from two naps to one, but hasn't fully gotten there yet. This past week, we didn't get a chance to head to the library, but I'm planning on adding that back in the schedule this coming week. Also, this week Caitlyn starts back to violin lessons and Kylie has her ballet/tap debut! I think we're doing pretty good managing our time, but I'm sure it'll take a couple weeks on the new schedule till everything starts running smoothly. On a high note, the kids didn't forget as much as I had feared during the summer vacation! :D

Here's a video I found of Luke learning to walk. Somehow these didn't make it into the first video montage. I laugh everytime I watch this! Luke has really taken off and is almost running. He has taken a few tumbles and has a bruise on his cheek right now to prove it. I love watching him conque new things. I never knew children could inspire you so much and bring so much joy to your lives!