Friday, May 22, 2009

What Was That Again?

I just had two moments with the girls that made me do a double-take, wondering if I heard them right.

1) We were finishing up lunch, and apparently Caitlyn thought she had ate too much. She sighs, leans back on the bench, and says,"Oh, sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln." Wait, what?! Jeremy asked her where she heard that. She says matter-of-factly, "Toy Story."

2) After lunch, the kids were outside playing in the backyard. They are always pretending something, so when Kylie came in and said they were making a house, I didn't blink an eye. She then proceeded to ask for a glass of water that they could leave outside for the fairies, because they were "trying to get fairies to live in our yard." I smiled, but was a little taken aback by the seriousness with which she had just made that statement. I said, "Sweetie, you know that fairies aren't real, right?" Kylie looks at me and very defensively says, "Oh yes they are! Don't you remember when we saw some once a long time ago?" Oh, sure honey I remember. NOT!

Thought I would offer a window into my days with the munchkins. :)


Christy on the Craggy Moor said...

so cute! Don't you love when the children "try out" a movie phrase like that? lol! I love the sweet innocense of the glass of water for the fairies. The other day Mary, our 4 year old asked me "Mom, where's my favorite Rose Cup?" and then after a few seconds she said "I can't find it. Oh well, I guess a monster ate it."
She said it so matter of factly too like it happens all the time. You know, monsters coming in. And eating things like Rose Cups.

Cindy said...

Thanks for the good laugh today! I think Caitlyn is taking after Poppy with the nack of saying things she has no idea what she is saying.