Friday, May 15, 2009

Lack of Sleep

Luke has been teething something horrible, and on top of that is battling a cold for the last several days. Sleep has been scarce this week, to say the least. I thought I had been handling it fairly well, but realized yesterday that the lack of sleep was getting to me. While I was squeezing in a quick shower during one of Luke's power naps, I was hurrying, trying to get done before he started screaming again. I was scrubbing what I thought was shampoo into my scalp, but if felt very grainy. I realized that I had just put face scrub in my hair! At least it was a mistake with the shampoo, and not my toothpaste!

This is just one of the slip ups that occurred yesterday. I got more sleep last night than I have in awhile, so I'm praying that more sleep is on its way. Talking about bathing reminded me that I hadn't posted a picture I took of John the other night. He was enjoying a bubble bath. Since mommy's too cheap to buy bubble bath at our house, we use dish soap! It makes the best bubbles though!

Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for more sleep!