Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How Yoda Became an Answer to Prayer

God works in the most amazing ways! John David is obsessed with Star Wars right now, especially Star Wars Legos. He's been asking for some for quite awhile, and we keep telling him to wait till Christmas. All the kids really enjoy playing with Legos, and we were planning on getting some for Christmas, but Legos have gotten quite expensive! We knew we wouldn't be able to get many, so I went on a local website called Freecycle, where you can post items that you are looking for as well as post items that you want to get rid of. Everything is free, and we have gotten rid of several things on this website that have gone to people who needed them, as well as found several things (like a set of bunkbeds!) that we needed. Anyway, I posted early this week that we were looking for any and all Legos, and thought that it was worth a try to see if anyone had any they wanted to get rid of. Sure enough, I got three emails from people who had Legos for us. Today we went to pick up some from one of the people, and the whole way there I was trying to explain to John that they probably didn't have Star Wars ones, but that we would be thankful for any Legos that we got. He was tearful, but understood. When we returned home with the box of Legos, I sat down and started going through them. There were all kinds of Legos, pirate ones, police ones, etc. Then at the bottom of the box, I found a Yoda Lego figurine, a Darth Maul, a Darth Vader, a droid, and a couple more, complete with capes and light sabers! I was overwhelmed at God's answer to my little boy's prayers, and went through the rest of the Legos with tears in my eyes! John David was so excited, and prayed right away thanking God for giving him Star Wars Legos. No matter how long I've been a Christian, I am always still amazed at the things God does for His children. Though it may seem little or trivial to us, I promise you that to John David it was HUGE! What a blessing! Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for Star Wars Legos!


Julie said...

An answer to prayer for John David today will keep him praying tomorrow and the day after. God is so good!!!

Heather said...

What a great story! Sometimes I think Children that young can get prayers through better then some adults. They are just so innocent and pray with their whole heart.Very cool stuff!