Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Fall Schedule

We started school this past week, even with all the hurricane craziness. Believe it or not, the kids had been begging to start school. The summer boredom had set in and they were dying to get going. With four of them doing school now (Luke does preschool 2-3 days a week for about two hours, John David is in 2nd grade, Caitlyn is in 6th grade, and Kylie is in 3rd grade) it took a little to adjust to a new schedule, but they all did fabulous their first week. John David learned all about seeds this past week in his Science lessons, so we did a fun science experiment about seeds. I posted all about it on my website, and you can go here to read that, but here's the video I took of his explanation. Too cute!

Our normal Fall schedule will start back up this next week, with dance on Thursday nights and Tae Kwon Do classes twice a week. Kylie is taking a clogging dance class, and Caitlyn is doing a second year of Irish dancing with hardshoe and softshoe Irish. Both Kylie and John David are currently blue belts, and will be testing for their brown belt in early October for Tae Kwon Do. This is a big accomplishment and bumps them up to the advance classes, with only a few more belts between them and black belt. All the kids are doing really well in their extracurricular activities, and enjoy them very much.

On a totally different note, I keep forgetting to tell everyone about Jeremy's accident. Many of you may already know, but Jeremy was in an accident earlier this summer. A man T-boned Jeremy's truck and totaled it. With the insurance money, Jeremy was able to buy a new truck.... his dream truck! :) It's a very large white Dodge Ram truck with an extended cab, and he loves it! As do we all, because we all fit in it. It has been such a blessing having two vehicles that all the kids fit in, and not having to worry about being stuck without enough seats. Have a great Labor Day holiday tomorrow!