Friday, May 20, 2011

Family Time at Reviewers Retreat/Great Wolf Lodge Poconos

This past weekend, I attended a blog conference called Reviewers Retreat in Pennsylvania. It was part of a blogger network that I have been working on in regards to my website My Four Monkeys. Besides the conference part of Reviewers Retreat, my favorite part of the whole trip was the location. Not only did it allow me to bring the whole family along for the trip, but Reviewers Retreat took place at Great Wolf Lodge Poconos. Now, you know we LOVE Great Wolf Lodge, but have never been to this location. Even the kids were excited to see how this location differed from our usual Great Wolf in Williamsburg.

Right away we noticed that the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos is a bit larger, with a roomier lobby and a larger 'treehouse' section in the waterpark. Over all, there wasn't too much of a difference, as it still featured the fabulous food (we're talking syrup fountains at breakfast time, and everything you could possibly dream of at dinner), great amenities (like the Northern Lights Arcade), well-trained and caring lifeguards (John David got a boo-boo that had to be tended to), and the ever present and helpful staff. Apart from the blogger festivities and sessions, I really enjoyed getting to spend some fun time with Jeremy and the kids, and take advantage of the fabulous location to get some family time in. It was a much needed getaway with all the house craziness that's been going on here (we are finally closing next week), and I'm so glad we went!

So glad we got to stay indoors! It was yucky and dreary outside the whole time we were there!
4th floor please!
The large fireplace in the lobby is always an attraction for the kids. Super warm and comforting atmosphere.
Whose got muscles?
I do! I do!
Eating dinner at Loose Moose Cottage. Where else can you go out to dinner still wet from the waterpark?
Gotta love the smiley face fries!
Our ingenious swimsuit dryer. :)
I think somebody is wore out from playing so hard!
Caitlyn taking a rest while the boys nap. She read through two whole books while we were there, and we ended up taking a trip to the store to get more!
We of course found time to be silly!
So close!
So much to choose from!
Time to go, but we'll be back!