Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday - John David's Spa Day

I couldn't just post these pictures without an explanation. It just looks too weird! :D The kids were out jumping on the trampoline in the heat yesterday (that's why they're all sweaty), and after they came in they disappeared to the girls' room. I went to check on them, and they had John David laid out on the towel. They were brushing his hair and his teeth, and rubbing his back. I love the towel around his neck! :)

When I asked them "what in the world are you doing?", Caitlyn told me that they were giving John David a spa day. She told me that they thought they would be nice and help him relax after being in the heat. The she added, "Since we haven't really been very nice to him for the past couple years." I had to laugh!