Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mr. Frosty

We finally got some snow here, but as usual, it was barely a dusting and it was melted and gone within hours. First thing this morning, Jeremy and I were awaken by little children with stories of snow everywhere! After a quick breakfast, out they went to play in the snow. They built a snowman (or should I say a snowbaby)on the picnic table out back, and were inside asking for a carrot and candy to use for the face. My favorite was his cardboard necktie. :)It was a good thing they went out early, because after we returned from our dentist appointment, the snow was pretty much gone. John David isn't exactly a fan of the cold, but he did well, that is until Caitlyn hit him in the face with a snowball! The craziest thing about the snow? Yesterday, it was 62 degrees and the kids were outside without coats! Enjoy the pictures of "Mr. Frosty"!


Heather said...

Ha ha ha! Oh my goodness that "snow baby" cracked me up! How cute!

Yeah, it's a good thing my children got outside when they did to sleigh down the hill out back, cuz the snow is all gone now!