Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sleepless Nights Take Their Toll

Jeremy and I have agreed: newborns are for young people, or at least youngER people. Luke has had some sleepless nights lately that are taking their toll on our aging bodies. :) I know, I know. We are not that old, but we feel older than we did when the other kids were babies, and we definitely need more sleep than we did in our early twenties. Don't worry though, we are not walking zombies, YET. The age old saying "Sleep when the baby sleeps" doesn't exactly apply to those of us with three other kiddos to tend to. :) We are all adjusting quite well to the baby, and the kids are doing great. Things can get a little hectic though from time to time, hence the fact that I have not posted in a week. Anyway, the new computer has a webcam in it, and I'm going to try it out here soon, and post some video to the blog. Also, we are finally getting close to starting school, and I should be ready in the next week or so. I have a post about the tooth fairy that I'm working on, and will try to get it finished and posted tomorrow. I am also determined to get some new pics posted by early next week. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who has for now blessed us with a night owl.